Conscious Route is a rapper, poet, and singer-songwriter. Born in London, he grew up in Hertfordshire, near Cambridge, before moving to Edinburgh, where he is now based. Conscious Route founded the CCF movement (Conscious Collaboration Front), as well as holding the Conscious Collective events.

Conscious Route was previously known as Mosman and a part of the hip hop crew, Fugazirum, who later turned into a diverse Blues and Hip Hop project when singer/songwritter Ben Smith joined him and fellow member, Huss.

Folloiwng the dissolution of Fugazirum, Conscious Route moved to Edinburgh where he formed a new project, The Conscious Route Band, alongside Sam Kammerling.

Some three years later and the band have gained a following through a series of live shows, while Conscious Route has performed solo live with acts including Edinburgh Samba School, Basic Funk, Dark Jokes, Sea Bass Kid, James Brown is Annie, Black Diamond Express, and Werd S.O.S, Monosapiens.

Conscious Route has also recently started a new project with Callum Carlyle called, The Urban Folk Crowd.




The new album from Conscious Route The Real World is available in the Scottish Design Exchange.

Other recordings from Conscious Route:

Sinking LP Conscious Route