Ntina Doryforou, based in Edinburgh, designs and creates artistic jewellery with love, sterling silver and handmade glass beads.

Ntina Doryforou started in 1991 in Greece with her husband Christos Vroullis making their own workshop and they created their first handmade items of mouth blown glass.

After a 13 year experience on glass, working with it freely without moulds, she tried to make handmade glass beads.

Her success on this encouraged her to create new items and experiment with new materials such as copper, brass, pewter and sterling silver.  

Since then she designs and makes handmade artistic jewellery with and her glass beads.  

Ntina designs and creates unique, artistic jewellery, working in a handmade way with authentic earthy materials such as sterling silver, brass, copper, handmade glass beads that she makes herself, cotton and linen yarn.  Using traditional tools (hammer, tongs, pliers, scissors, the flame etc.) she gives to the metal a unique, individual style.  She draws inspiration from nature and from ancient history.

She is a member at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Leith Lapidary Club and design Gap.

All her items are distinguished by their original, natural style which allows the handmade character of the item, and the original earth materials used, to be brought out.

She has participated in many trade fairs in Greece, Germany and the UK.

Art Exhibitions:

•    1995 Litohoro, Pieria- Greece (individual)
•    1998 Municipality of Thessaloniki– Greece (group exhibition)
•    2005 Municipality of Epanomi – Greece (individual)
•    2011 Municipality of Katerini – Greece (group exhibition)
•    1, 2 & 3 of  March 2016 The Richmond Café – Edinburgh (individual)
•    18, 19 & 20 of  March 2016 “Art in Granton” – Madelvic House,  Edinburgh (group exhibition)
•    10th April to 10th May "six foot wider" gallery in Glasgow.