Based in Leith, in the north of Edinburgh and close to the port - Catherine Aitken's studio space teems with industry, originality and vitality.  

It's about the heritage cloths - Harris Tweed, Fife Linens, waxed cottons from Dundee, tartans, vintage materials and Scottish deerskin and natural veg tan leathers.  If it's beautiful - we want to use it - especially if it's produced locally.  

It's about Harris Tweed - did you know this wonderful cloth is handwoven by a weaver in their croft in the Outer Hebrides? The only cloth to be protected by an Act of Parliament, it's a naturally oily cloth, perfect for the often rather dreich Scottish climate? It's about the flow of the cloth - we don't use any rubber or plastic stiffners in the making of the bags.  

The bags are soft but sturdy, taking on a more natural shape, making them so tactile that you really get a sense of the tweed. It's about the luxury being in the process - all our designs are made in Scotland, most in the studio itself.  

From start to finish, made here in Scotland, by hand, with love and care.  It's about a simple aesthetic that offers a practical and stylish addition to the urban adventurer's wardrobe; tying in those heritage cloths with a fresh and fashionable flair, embodying style and strength, beauty and purpose.