The Visorcat team is dedicated to improving the vision, confidence and safety of motorcyclists. Wash and wipe as you ride with this attachment; in summer it washes away flies, dust and dirt, and in winter it will clear road spray, rain, mud, road salt and anything else that impedes vision.

The story started on a dark, damp night at the end of the 20th century.




Visorcat co-founder Alan Boulton was riding his Honda Fireblade along a narrow rural road in Warwickshire in November 1999, and found that the car behind was catching him up. He pulled over to let the car go past, his ego a little dented – why did an experienced motorcyclist riding one of the most powerful bikes available have to give way to a car?

A thin film of road grime had built up on Alan’s visor, restricting his view to such an extent that he could not ride to his – or his bike’s – capabilities. It struck him that, while motorcycle technology had come on leaps and bounds in the past 20 years, the technology that allows the motorcyclist to see clearly had not moved on at all.

It was a full 10 years later that Alan (who now rides a KTM 390 Duke) and his occasional motorcycling sister Jill did some formal market research into the concept of a product that would fit over the motorcyclist’s glove and could wash as well as wipe the visor. When Jill won a £10,000 business award to build prototypes and file a UK patent, Visorcat was on the road …