Morag Lloyds has developed 3 dimensional work from driftwood and scrap wood and found objects either from beaches or discarded. These little works are inspired by 20 years of sailing around the western Islands of Scotland.

Morag Lloyds is a multi media Scottish artist, trained in Illustration, Design and Fine art.

Morag first worked as a  designer in London in the 1980s on many projects around the City. Over the years, she has worked on several design projects both overseas and nearer to home. She has worked with several organisations combining art in health care and for a number of years worked as a lecturer in community education for FVC.

She has had two books published and her artwork is published with Tartan 2CV a Scottish card publisher and Natural Partners Art who publish cards and prints worldwide.

She has had work exhibited with the R.S.W and the R.S.A as well as overseas in New York and around the UK

After a break of several years due to ill health Morag is exhibiting again and joined the Scottish design exchange this year

Morag's work encompasses a wide range of subject matter. She works mostly in Acrylics, but more recently started to produce the work she is best known for in The Design Exchange, using scrap wood and found objects creating little harbours which are inspired from her years of sailing around the western isles and her love of the Islands and the sea.

"I like to think that my work makes people smile," she says. "Sometimes at events I see people running past my stand to go for this and that and suddenly they stop and look and smile and that makes me happy! I am inspired by many things, but mostly the sea and Islands"



Morag's work is also available in the following outlets:

  • The Jetty Gallery, Oban
  • The Found Gallery, Dunbar
  • The Green Gallery, Dollar
  • Cranachan and Crowdie , Edinburgh
  • Creative in Callander, Callander

In 2017 Morag Lloyds has also exhibited in the following venues: