Morag Lloyds

Morag Lloyds has developed 3d work from driftwood/scrap wood and found objects either from beaches or discarded, these little works are inspired by 20 years of sailing around the western Islands of Scotland.

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Misty Concepts

Misty Concepts is the home of handmade origami-inspired lighting and giftable items for your home.

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PHree Natural Skincare

PHree Natural Skincare is handmade in North Berwick by Holistic Massage Therapist and Clinical Aromatherapist Barbara Dew with over 25 years experience. 

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Lampshade Design Studio

Based in Edinburgh, Lampshade Design Studio is committed to handmaking high quality lampshades and cushions.


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Bowzos is an Edinburgh company founded in 2012 by creative entrepreneur Dawn McKenna. 

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Porto Folio Slim Wallet

This is the hugely popular Porto Folio slim pocket wallet that's strong, tear-resistant, waterproof and recyclable.  It's an innovatively designed ultra slim origami wallet, made from one single sheet of highly durable microfibre material.

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Hi! I’m Daisy and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland along with my family and our two cats Tiger and Lily. I enjoy everything crafty and solving logic puzzles. I love good design, photography, cult TV shows and anything that makes me smile.

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Braw Beard Oils

Handmade in Scotland, we use the finest natural ingredients to maintain the health, length and strength of your facial hair. Take pride in it, it grows for a reason, Braw Beard Oils are for the wild man, the working man, the gentleman, whatever stage you may be at, from stubble to skiffin' rubble.


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Polymorphics is a geometric woodwork brand creating unique jewellery, lighting and home decor.

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Bear Flame

Bearflame is a candle company creating unique scents to evoke happy memories, with bright and cheerful packaging design.

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Busy Bee Handicrafts

Busy Bee Handicrafts is a new start-up idea for a business. We are creating a range of textile gifts tailored towards your hobbies or things you love to do. Our gift ideas are inspired by a love of sewing and working with beautiful fabrics.

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Glowing Glass

Glowing Glass is a creative glass product maker based in Stirling, creating colourful pieces made from fused glass.

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