At MsMissMrs we put all the profit we make from sales of our high-quality undies goes straight into providing funded places on our S.E.T. programme, and also supports the roll-out of our female self-empowerment programme throughout Scotland.

Our Self-Empowerment Tools (S.E.T.) Programme is an education and recovery tool, delivered through a range of tried, tested and highly successful self-development courses for women and girls who are building and rebuilding their self-esteem after hard times.

Using practical and life-enhancing strategies built around key themes of physical, emotional, mental and social growth, the S.E.T. programme supports techniques to encourage self-care and long-term resilience. And it works.

At MsMissMrs we have witnessed many women make positive change and lasting improvements in their own sense of self-worth as a result of our S.E.T. programme courses. The programme has been so well-received that we’re extending our reach right across the country by training others to deliver our courses.

MsMissMrs S.E.T. Train the Trainer courses are led by our own fully qualified, highly experienced people. We’ll train your staff to deliver the S.E.T. programme in your own communities directly for the girls and women who need support most. What’s more, we can deliver a Train the Trainer course anywhere in the uk.

So when you buy Empowerment Pants for yourself or as a gift, you’re making a positive difference to the lives of women and girls who need it most.

We’ll even provide a bumper bundle of knickers for you to sell at a community event or in your own workplace.

 Our very own superheroine underwear not only looks and feels good, but does good too. And when you need a wee empowerment boost on difficult days, just try donning a pair of our pants and tap into some of your own superhero self-esteem.

Our undies have been worn at sporting events and hen parties, for interviews and presentations, and even during driving

Available to purchase from the Scottish Design Exchange store in Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh

Or online via MsMissMrs - The Website is Here!