GalGael offer hospitality to the margins, a sense of place to the disconnected and the right of responsibility to the disenfranchised. To the unskilled we offer a chisel that they might carve out a future.

GalGael’s vision is for a Scotland where the rights of the individual are balanced with the rights of the whole; a strong sense of peoplehood where strong values, dignified work and reverence of place binds our communities together. We hold dear a Scotland where all have something to bring to the table and are welcome there.

For over a decade now GalGael have been a well-known landmark on the Govan landscape. During those years we have built a growing reputation for making a real difference to many who struggle with the challenges of today’s modern culture that leaves some marginalized, isolated and disenfranchised. One of the ways in which we have achieved this is through involving the community in traditional boat building and restoration. In this way, people find skills, purpose and inspiration.

You can purchase a wide range of Galgael products from the Scottish Design Exchange store, in Ocean Terminal Edinburgh

Galgael also take commissions and have a wider range of products available to purchase from their online store:





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