Empathy Hub

The Empathy Hub is an emerging project being developed by the Edinburgh Development Group (EDG).

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Fashion Foundry

Fashion Foundry is supporting Scottish fashion designers and associated creative businesses through a programme of practical workshops, advice, bespoke mentoring and offers access to sampling and sewing facilities.

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At MsMissMrs we put all the profit we make from sales of our high-quality undies goes straight into providing funded places on our S.E.T. programme, and also supports the roll-out of our female self-empowerment programme throughout Scotland.

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Equal Folk

Equal Folk first started with a conversation. We realised that there isn't much representation or choice out there for LGBTI+ people when it comes to cards and postcards, and we decided to change that. We love receiving cards from friends, family and loved ones and we love sending them too. But there have been so many times where we couldn't find something that was specifically for this person or said exactly what we wanted to say.


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Whale Arts




The Scottish Design Exchange has been working closely with Whale Arts, helping their artists and designers establish a customer base. 

WHALE Arts’ mission is to be the creative heart of a vibrant, thriving community.

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GalGael offer hospitality to the margins, a sense of place to the disconnected and the right of responsibility to the disenfranchised. To the unskilled we offer a chisel that they might carve out a future.

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