Edinburgh People is a photographic journey through the lens of an Edinburgh taxi driver.


Featuring a foreward by Irvine Welsh.



Using his black taxi as his mobile studio, Ryan Walls has cerated a fascinating and unique book of portraits, comprising the fares he transports around the city in his black cab.

Showcased under an unobtrusive taxi backdrop is an anecdotal narrative that brings his portraiture of life; in doing so Ryan becomes a storyteller for the people and showcases an enigmatic depiction of a familiar reality we all share.

Ryan writes:

"I make a point of chatting with all my customers, or at least I try to. Some people just want to switch off when they’re in a cab - watch their iPad, make a phone call, just gaze out the window deep in their own thoughts, which is fine of course. But where possible, I chat to my customers. And for the most part, people like to chat. You’d be amazed at what is divulged to a taxi driver. We’re like an anonymous window of faceless, blameless, unquestioning opportunity where people can ‘dump’ stuff, and then we’re gone. I’ve been used as careers advisor, political advisor, holiday advisor, ‘what part of Edinburgh should I move to next’ advisor and, once, “I’ve put this red dress on but I’ve got this gold one in my bag, which do you think is best?” fashion advisor. I’ve had conversations on the benefits of renewable versus nuclear energy, should Scotland be independent, whether taking the train or plane is quicker from central London to Edinburgh, who’s going to win the Grand National this year and the random ones like “did you know the world is actually flat?”. But my favourite conversation is always when people test me on my considerable and ever-expanding knowledge of our beautiful city of Edinburgh. And during Festival season, there are plenty of opportunities to share that knowledge…"


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