The Lost Tornado is 'A cross between KES and Angela's Ashes’


From an impoverished Edinburgh childhood, where Dad tapped the electricity supply from the street lamp outside their Pilton home to provide heat for the ten kids, to breaking into the altogether brighter lights of the advertising world, Jim Divine has seen off many a storm.

His hilarious autobiographical novel recounts the highs and lows of a life spent searching for answers to the big questions: Will I ever get a game for Hibs? Was that really Joanna Lumley I spotted down Leith Walk in a leopardskin outfit? And how in hell’s name did I manage to avoid killing those three people?

The Lost Tornado is a whirlwind trip down the most brightly-coloured memory lane, where an everyman's everyday battles become the stuff of comic brilliance.


the lost tornado by james dean divine


 The Lost Tornado by James Dean Divine is available in The Scottish Design Exchange.