John Heywood has been a member of Edinburgh Printmakers since the mid-80s and worked almost exclusively in etching.

Etching is a printmaking technique that uses chemical action to produce incised lines in a metal printing plate which then hold the applied ink and form the image.

John's work has always been drawing based, capturing an atmosphere in the image and re-creating a time of day or a moment in time. This helps the viewer connect with the work and makes for a shared experience.

John Heywood's artwork is a personal response to living and working in Edinburgh over 20 years. Many of his pieces have their origins in a response to a particular view of the city.

It was not untill John had his first exhibition in the early 90s and gathered his work together that he realised that's what he had been doing. None of the images are hackneyed views but a fresh personal statement that you will not find anywhere else.

To purchase etchings by John Heywood, visit the Scottish Design Exchange or go to John's gallery at and look through the collection which is categoriesed by subject.