Painting has always been an essential part of Diana Savova's life.

Her whole family are artists, and she uses painting to express herself.

Diana has a wide experience with different mediums like oil, acrylic and water colour, inspired by the beauty of Edinburgh city, by the brightness of the colours and sunshine around especially after rain. In her work, Diana creates realistic and fantasy  paintings in different mediums like acrylic, watercolour and oil.

Originally from Bulgaria in 2003 Diana Savova graduated from National Academy of Arts-Sophia, Bulgaria and gained a Masters degree in restoration and conservation of paintings. Diana is from a family of artists and painting has been part of her life as long as she can remember.

Over the years Diana has acquired proficiency in different art media through her professional experience, and through her passion and determination to expand her skills. From 1995 until now she collaborated in collective and solo exhibitions in Bulgaria and Scotland.

She has over 10 years’ professional experience across a range of mediums, from set design and painting for the television and film industries to historical art restoration.

During her career Diana Savova has also continued to develop as a painter in her own right, and has exhibited widely. To read more about these exhibitions, please have a look at Diana's Website.