James Flowerdew is all about reality as we know it, and his lifelong mission has been to either repair it, replace it, or find as many reliable exits as possible.

Ancient philosophies, fantasy, and delusion are some of the chosen tools to question the reality that faces us, and to consider the alternatives.

Observation, memory, ideology, and utter lie are all brought to the stage to embrace, to conflict, and eventually transport in striking and original artworks.

Cards, Prints, Books, and original paintings are now available, get ready for the ride.

"I'm presently neither a master of nor particularly wild about capturing “reality”.

The memory and the errors of memory fascinate me as much as the truth.

“What do I see, what do I want to see, what would I rather not see.”

“How wrong am I?”

Cameras capture reality quite well, painting for me is about capturing the human and their understanding.

One of art's jobs is to transform and transport, and this transformation and transportation are two things that really grab me, hence the rather intense dabbling in video games.



Grim reality and unbridled escape are forces that I like to bring together, whatever I'm creating. Usually reality stars as the drag of the show, with the unseen and the unreal as the dynamic forces bringing either joy or horror into the mix.

I spent a lot of time investigating alternative philosophies, ranging from buddhism and Yogi thought to ancient pagan philosophies from around the world. Norse and Ancient Egyptian culture hold me the most, and they can be seen in much of my art both intentionally, and as part of my general thought patterns.

Generally folklore and ancient belief systems intrigue me.

Science fiction and fantasy also fascinates me, as it's range from the utterly amazing to the diabolically lame strikes me as an inspiration, and possibly an open door. Fantasy in general spans satire, prophesy, and the utterly stupid. All of which I love.

I'm currently trying to write too, and would love to connect to authors.

I'm totally up for collaborating with other artists also, mixed brains are good brains.