"Painting outside, often in wind and rain helps me paint intuitively and spontaneously. There is always a sense of urgency to try and capture something before it disappears. When I paint, everything else in life is forgotten about and all that matters is how I can reveal the world I’m in at that moment. When I feel I have achieved this it is magical."

"I was born in Edinburgh in 1974. Since I was a young child I always dreamed of being an artist and I remember hanging my paintings up at home and ‘putting on an exhibition’ while I made my family line up until I ‘opened the doors’. By 16 I attended art classes at Leith School of Art and Edinburgh Art College as well as doing various jobs but I always knew I had to make art my career and now I am pursuing my dream. I finished a 2 year full-time painting course at Leith School of Art in 2013 where I won a 2 week residency at Dumfries House in Ayrshire. I have also been awarded The Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA) Seabird drawing bursary (2015) where I visited bird colonies on the Firth of Forth to study and draw birds there. I also have also exhibited in The Mall Galleries in London as well as galleries in Scotland. I have my own studio in Leith and always look forward to what lies ahead in my paintings and my career in art."