Colour is life. Life should be colourful! Never having been a very satisfied lot, artists have long seen colour as something to be striven for - to be used (and quite often abused) to convey life at its most expressive and ts most vibrant. This is the philosophy of artist Fraser Haston.

Sometimes, though - just sometimes - do you happen to come upon a moodily lit black and white photograph, manage to catch a classic film noir on telly, appreciate an interior decorated in muted shades or even admire someone dressed in sombre tones - and say to youself “how wonderful, how beautiful, how stylish, how sophisticated?”

I do. That’s why I produce these images. Not because I am a dull artist (I hope). Not because I dislike colour. Far from it. I paint them because I love the fact that I am not distracted by the intensity of the colour alone. In shades of grey, I understand the form; I sense the subtlety of light; I feel the varied textures; I simply soak up the atmosphere.

Remember, my subjects started life as colour scenes themselves. However, by re-creating them in shades of grey, I believe my world evolves into a better place. I actually think it’s pretty nifty.

Fraser Haston






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