Elspeth J Mackenzie is a Scottish artist, living and working in Leith, Edinburgh.

She studied at Portsmouth College of Art and Design. She received a first class honours degree in Humanities with Art History in 2007 and a Postgraduate Diploma in Humanities (Art History) in 2010 - both awarded by the Open University.

Elspeth runs her own mixed media art workshops, for all ages and abilities, and is also a lead artist with Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust  – devising and implementing creative rehabilitation programmes for stroke patients in hospital and community projects for people with long term health conditions. She also demonstrates her mixed media techniques, and runs workshops, for various art societies and art groups in Scotland.

Elspeth combines a bold and lively approach in her artwork, utilizing a wide range of media in order to capture the essence of her subject matter. Her inspiration comes from a variety of sources, but she is particularly interested in colour and texture and her vibrant work reflects this.  

‘I believe that art has a very important role to play in today’s ever changing and fast-paced society. Involvement with the visual arts – whether as a viewer or practitioner – can provide a welcome respite from the everyday and has the capacity to enhance wellbeing.‘



  Elspeth J Mackenzie INSTAGRAM