Michael Dawson

Michael Dawson produces vibrant works on paper, wood, mdf and canvas in an expressionist style. Intense and energetic, rich in vivid colour and heavily covered in text, stencils and bursts of texture, the works are primarily concerned with a universal experience of dichotomies, wealth vs poverty, primitive vs sophisticated, integration vs segregation, justice vs injustice and inner vs outer experience.

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John Heywood

John Heywood has been a member of Edinburgh Printmakers since the mid-80s and worked almost exclusively in Etching.

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Mike Doherty

Mike Doherty is an artist based in Leith, specialising in portraiture, cityscapes and modern abstract work.

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Lines by Alan Gunning

All my work is drawn with a digital pen, exactly as you would with pen and paper but with a stylus and graphic pad.

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Anna Sztromwasser Illustrations

After graduating in archaeology I found myself wanting to draw more than dig. I followed this path, motivated by observing animals and their intriguing behaviour - they are just so charming to illustrate.

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Claire Williamson

"Painting outside, often in wind and rain helps me paint intuitively and spontaneously. There is always a sense of urgency to try and capture something before it disappears. When I paint, everything else in life is forgotten about and all that matters is how I can reveal the world I’m in at that moment. When I feel I have achieved this it is magical."

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Jo McDonald

Jo McDonald is a Scottish visual artist who lives and works in Edinburgh. She has been experimenting with paper for nearly 20 years, since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art with BA Hons/ MFA in Tapestry.

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Katy Morari

Katy Morari is an Animator, Illustrator and Artist based in Edinburgh.

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Erik Petrie

Based in Leith, Erik Petrie studied painting at Edinburgh College of Art, and recently collaborated with the Edinburgh Quartet, interpreting music into art.

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Sandra Vick

Sandra Vick studied at Edinburgh College of Art graduating with honours, winning awards and a scholarship for further study at Masters level. She graduated with a Masters in Fine Art in 2009. 

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Louise Anderson

Louise Anderson is originally from Birmingham, Studied Art and Design at Borders College Hawick. She has lived and worked in Edinburgh for 25 years.

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Diana Savova

Painting has always been an essential part of Diane Savova's life.

Her whole family are artists, and she uses painting to express herself.

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Sally Fisher is a painter and printmaker based in Leith, Edinburgh. She became a full time artist in 2013, when she set-up Salgallery.

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Fraser Haston

Colour is life. Life should be colourful! Never having been a very satisfied lot, artists have long seen colour as something to be striven for - to be used (and quite often abused) to convey life at its most expressive and ts most vibrant. This is the philosophy of artist Fraser Haston.

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Edinburgh Sketcher

Edinburgh Sketcher is a sketch blog from Mark Kirkham, an illustrator and designer living in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city.

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Edinburgh Sketcher

Edinburgh Sketcher is a sketch blog from Mark Kirkham, an illustrator and designer living in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city.

Using a wide range of mediums including ink, watercolour, pencil, oil paint, charcoal and collage, Edinburgh Sketcher creates a variety of styles of beautiful images, available on cards, in prints and in signed originals, all available from the Scottish Design Exchange.

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Eye Joy Art

Based in Edinburgh, Sonya Elder is a freelancing visual artist on a mission to share some Eye Joy with the world.

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Alexandra Devoy

Alexandra Devoy creates mixed media artworks from found objects inspired by poetry.

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Robert Rae Cosmic Art

Robert Rae lives in Edinburgh and uses acrylics and metallic inks to create abstract works with a cosmic theme.

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Kirsten Boston

Kirsten Boston was born in West Lothian, but was brought up mostly in East Lothian, where she schooled in North Berwick.

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Elspeth J Mackenzie

Elspeth J Mackenzie is a Scottish artist, living and working in Leith, Edinburgh.

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Ruaridh Crighton is an Edinburgh based artist, well reconised for his unique style of work.

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Kirsten Welsh

Kirsten Welsh graduated with a First Class (Hons) from Edinburgh College of Art in 1999. After graduating she spent 18 months travelling and working in Australia and South East Asia.

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Edd Wellesley-Davies a.k.a. Eddscape is an Edinburgh based artist with a contemporary striking style.

He uses both traditional and modern mediums, often combining them, to create work with an original and unique look.

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Bruce Graham

Bruce Graham aims to produce distinctive and affordable art work. Inspiration is taken from Scottish landscapes, with its ever changing colours and skies, places remembered and sometimes imagined.

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Seán Ó Cathasaigh

Sean Ó Cathasaigh is a freelance illustrator and graphic artist based in Edinburgh, specialising in cartoon portraits. Originally from Ireland but living and working as an Illustrator in Edinburgh or the past 13 years. 

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Air Skin Art

Unique and original airbrush pop portraits of the famous and the famous in your life. Air.Skin.Art is Edinburgh born and bred artist Colin Erskine.

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Judy Art

Judy Hamilton-Wright is an artist, who works in acrylic, collage, and charcoal. Her buisiness is based in North Berwick and Edinburgh, where she draws much of her inspiration from.

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Alexander Jackson

Originally trained in fine art and traditional painting techniques, Alexander Jackson went on to study Illustration at Edinburgh College of Art, where he developed a more graphical style.

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Pam McKenzie

Originally from Lancashire, Pam McKenzie has made Scotland her home for the past 30 years. After gaining a BA Hons in Fine Art studying painting and printmaking, Pam has finally managed in the last couple of years to spend more time in my studio developing her unique style of painting.
"I have exhibited locally in East Lothian, and in Edinburgh and the Borders. I'm lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of the country, dividing my time between Edinburgh and North Berwick which gives me plenty of inspiration. I love the big open skies and the ever changing landscape of the sea, and love to add wildflowers and grasses to my paintings wherever I can.
I don't very often put figures into my paintings, preferring to add life to them with birds. I like landscapes where you can imagine yourself being, and adding figures will place the viewer in a particular place. I think we would all choose a different spot to sit in!"

Rona Innes Art

Rona Innes is an artist with a passion for nature. Her detailed drawings in graphite, pastel or charcoal have a bold, experimental style.

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Esther Cohen

Esther Cohen is a Scottish artist working at Tantallon Arts & Crafts Studios near North Berwick.

Specialising in producing highly individual hand made ceramic tiles, she also produces beautiful prints and cards from her ceramic designs.

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