Source Design

Emma Westwater - Source Design - is a graphic artist based in Dunbar. She is a design geek who hoards paper samples, wooden type and shiny plastic things.

Emma creates multi-layered paper pieces that explore her surroundings with a bright, graphic outlook.

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Just Braw

Scottish based artist and designer Fiona Robertson works under the name of Just Braw.


She finds her inspiration from living in Scotland and has a particular fondness for the language and old Scottish nursery rhymes.


All her work starts life as drawings and prints which are then transferred to paper textiles and ceramic to produce products for the home.

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Colour. I love colour. And pretty things. And cats. But mostly I like cats....or was it colour?!

DIEDODODA will furnish you with flickering night, casual and skull candles, A4 and A5 prints of many things from cats to serial killers, Victoriana pop, scraggly kitty and sea creatures cards (among others) notebooks, shopping bags, collages, cuties and fabric prints and wall art.

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