Alternative Indie Pop Rockers Jamie and Shoony were in the Scottish Design Exchange for a fashion shoot. We were totally thrilled to welcome the guys who came along to dig among the many wares (should that be wears?) of our designers in the SDX LOFT.


If you know these guys it doesn't take much persuading for them to take their kit off, and they styled a selection of the goods, proving their may be room on the catwalks of the future for hairy-chested and tattooed models.

Photos of the shoot will be posted soon but in the meantime, here's Shoony trying on a Neon Ninja jacket, while Jamie models a T from Never Monday.

Jamie and Shoony's EP BEEN EVERYWHERE will be out this week, and we're pleased to say we're stocking it in the shop.

For those who need to know more, we've posted one of the band's recent videos below. Totally catchy, I reckon, and you'll see where their passion for dressing up comes in too.



Settle Down by Jamie and Shoony